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Trucking is one of the most common means of transportation in the world. This type of transport is not only rather comfortable  , but now, with  "VVK-Trans" is also  absolutely safe .

Trucking provides the ability to transport goods  of any size and purpose. With modern technology , it is possible to track the location of a vehicle at any time , and  in  its turn  this increases the safety of the services .

Expedition  department of LLC " BBK -Trans " offers  variety of services for international freight in the countries of Western Europe and the CIS :

- The selection of the most suitable transport and making up an optimal route;
- Standard cars carrying up to 22 tons ;
- Transportation of oversizegoods ;
- Transportation of dangerous goods;
- The transport of heavy loads;
- Cargo , requiring compliance with a special temperature regime;
- Services for the development and implementation of foreign economic activity ;

The company "VVK-Trans" organizes road transport and haulage services through the territory of Ukraine, CIS , Baltic States and Europe , in general , more than 20 countries in Europe towards  any of the cities in the CIS , and in the opposite direction.

On request, our agents will develop an individual plan for auto delivery of your goods, at an optimum time , taking into account all the requirements .

You can apply for the shipping by the following ways:

- Use the feedback form

- Send your business proposal on our e-mail

- Send a  fax +380 (31) 2227967

- Contact with our managers

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